2019 To Do List

In case you’re curious, here’s a list of our current to-dos. The site will re-open once these items are updated at which time new features and articles will begin.

To Do

  1. Update all NPCs Entries (in process…)

  2. Update all Monsters Entries

  3. Update all Magic Items Entries

  4. Update all Legends Entries

  5. Update all Guides Entries

  6. Update all Factions Entries

  7. Update all DM Updates Entries


  1. Reconnect Domain ✓

  2. Create Voting page for new Site Direction ✓

  3. Basic fast site updates ✓

  4. Update all Settlements Entries ✓

  5. Update all Sessions Entries ✓

  6. Remove Province Entries ✓

  7. Update all Pantheon Entries ✓

2020 RoadMap & Brainstorm

  • New Maps to replace MindMaps (Settlements and Dungeons)

  • Single Player (No DM) online text adventure

  • New Settlements

  • Re-create Pantheon Icons