How to use this Site

Over the month of October we’re updating the structure and older content of our website. We hope to have a soft-opening on the 15th of November. During this time they’ll be broken bits and faerie dust all over the place.

Currently the best way to use this site is to use the site-search (magnifying glass in the upper-right corner). You can also use the main menu (three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner) to view general information on the main menu’s left panel or view the blog’s categories on the main menu’s right panel.

Each entry in the blog is about a topic which overtime receives updates. When it’s updated it remains published to the same, original date it was created on.


Adventures are viewable or downloadable adventures for use in your D&D games.
Apps are quasi-reviews of iOS/PadOS apps or services we have tried and sometimes use in our games.
DM Updates are about site news but occasionally changes to the structures of our games.
Factions are as the name implies, information about factions as they apply to our own home-brew world.
Guides are ideas and concepts for players and sometimes DMs to get more out of your games.
Legends are unique stories or famed objects and locations used in our home-brew world.
Magic Items are home-brew magic items found or waiting to be discovered.
Monsters are as the name implies, home-brew creations to challenge our heroes.
NPCs are a sort of who-is-who of all the the NPCs our heroes meet during their travels.
Pantheon is a about the deities as they apply to our home-brew world.
Sessions are stories from our players about what has happened during a particular gaming session.
Settlements are populated locations visited or waiting to be discovered by our heroes